Building Your Real Estate Portfolio Through Real Estate Syndications

February 2023 by admin

We will be taking a look at how investors can build a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio with real estate syndications.

A Warm Welcome to 2023

January 2023 by admin

Here’s a warm welcome to the new year with a video message from Provision Space’s managing partner, Jonathan Tonks.

Tax Advantages for Real Estate Investing

December 2022 by admin

This month, we will discuss some of the tax advantages that are available to real estate investors. This is a subject that is of great interest to many, as real estate investments can offer a high degree of flexibility and opportunity. 

Red Flags To Guide You In A Multifamily Investment

November 2022 by admin

This month’s edition, will discuss the criteria that need evaluation before partnering on an asset and items that an investor should know to make wise investment decisions.


Conducting Due Diligence As A Multifamily Investor

October 2022 by admin

In this month’s edition, we will be taking a look at the importance of conducting due diligence as a multifamily investor.

Adding Value To A Multifamily Investment Property

September 2022 by admin

In this month’s edition, we will highlight value creation, including how it is used in multifamily real estate and how it affects investors. We will also talk about ways to minimize expenses and force appreciation which is used in conjunction with value creation.

5 Important Return Metrics For Real Estate Investors

August 2022 by admin

In this month’s edition, we’ll go over the five most important return metrics that every investor should know about. We will also talk about our recently closed deal, the upcoming meetup, and more about our team.

Alternative Funding Options For Multifamily

July 2022 by admin

Learn about alternative funding options for investors interested in multifamily real estate such as TribeVest, Self-Directed IRAs, and the 1031 exchange, as well as how to use them for your next investment.

Interest And Mortgage Rates Updates

June 2022 by admin

Summer is upon us and we are excited about it! In this month’s edition, we will share about our recently closed deal, current market conditions and updates, our upcoming meetup, and multifamily trends.

Diversifying Your Multifamily Investments

May 2022 by admin

In this edition, we will introduce our company and share our expertise in the multifamily investment industry. We will also share insightful information about diversification and how you can diversify your investment portfolio with commercial real estate.