Provision Space

Helping You generate passive income through multifamily real estate

How it Works


Provision space identifies underperforming properties, negotiates financing, creates the business plan, and operates the deal


Accredited and non-accredited investors become partners on the asset and can fund from various sources including GRP accounts, Self-Directed IRAs, and traditional cash investments


Provision Space handles all interactions with property management, construction teams, and tenants to achieve our desired results


Investors receive quarterly distributions and remain part of the deal until the asset is sold per our business plan which will be communicated beforehand


Provision Space is a real estate investment firm. We offer investors the opportunity to partner on commercial multifamily assets in exchange for passive income. We believe God blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others, and we use our abundance to support organizations that provide shelter for those in need.

our approach

The way we do this is by leveraging our experienced team to locate and acquire underperforming properties in excellent locations with the objective of eliminating inefficiencies and increasing cash flow from the property. This added value provides exceptional returns to our investor partners and team members which ultimately funds our philanthropic mission.

our investor network

To be eligible for a real estate syndication, you must be an accredited investor residing in the United States with an annual income of at least $200,000, or $300,000 with a spouse or a net worth that exceeds $1,000,000.

Foreign investors may invest in a real estate syndication if they seek assistance from a licensed CPA who has experience assisting foreign investors in investing and running businesses in the United States.

The EQRP or Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan, is a tax-free way to invest your IRA funds in real estate using leverage (debt). It is a qualified plan that is exempt from the Unrelated Business Income Tax.

The IRS established the Solo 401(K) plan for self-employed and small business owners who do not have full-time employees. To invest in real estate with your Solo 401(K), you must first ensure that your retirement account allows this option.

A self-directed IRA is an individual retirement account that can be used to invest in real estate, including multifamily properties. If you intend to use this, make sure to work with a qualified IRA custodian to ensure that all guidelines are followed.

Investment Calculator

The information displayed on this page is strictly for informational purposes and does not guarantee future results. Select the investment options below to see sample investment returns.

5 years

Hold Period

7 %

Preferred Return

17 %

Projected Avg. Annualized Return (AAR)


Kyle C. (Michigan)

"I am very impressed with the professional, detailed research, and communication for each investment opportunity. I highly recommend Provision Space as a great way to broaden your investments and as a way to enter the rental market."

Shari G. (North Carolina)

"Working with Jonathan Tonks and Provision Space has exceeded my expectations. I have invested in 2 properties so far because of his commitment, transparency, and vision, and I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship."